Educational facilities & amenities



Science Laboratory

  There is a well furnished science laboratory which consists of the latest modern equipment and apparatus of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and other related science subjects. There is a proper arrangement of ventilation, water, electricity, and the safety apparatus.

Psychology Laboratory

In  the Psychology- laboratory there is a  provision for the various kinds of psychological tests(verbal and non-verbal) and the apparatus.  It is fitted with the well furnished furniture and the adequate number of psychological pictures.

Education -Technology Laboratory

 There is a modern well equipped  education technology lab. in which the modern electronic teaching aids, like TV, VCR, VCD, Tape Recorder, Public Address System etc. are available.



Computer Laboratory

 It comprises of a large number of computers with modern facilities like Internet, Printer and Media player. There are also available the language-learning facilities.  There is also an arrangement of ‘overhead projector’ for transparency. The ‘Art & Craft’ material which represents the various skills in teaching by the pupil- teachers can also be seen there.



There are facilities for all indoor games as well as for the outdoor games for the physical and mental development of the pupi- teachers.



 There is a  well furnished library with adequate number of books and the furniture. It has a total number of  three thousand one hundred and twenty eight books. This collection has both the ‘Reference’ and ‘The Text- books’ on the subjects of Education, Literature, Science etc.
 There is  also an anarrangement for the ‘Encyclopedia’ and  the ‘NCERT survey reports. The different kind of ‘magazines’ and the ‘journals’ are also available in the library.